Vietnam Trip 2014

We spent 30 days driving 3000KM from Saigon to Sa Pa and ending in Hanoi via the western Ho Chi Minh Trail

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The áo dài is a Vietnamese national costume, now most commonly worn by women. In its current form, it is a tight-fitting silk tunic worn over pantaloons. Áo classifies the item as a piece of clothing on the upper part of the body.[1] Dài means "long".[2]

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Cities in Vietnam

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Saigon From Behind

Seven young Vietnamese drawing enthusiasts have unveiled their project to depict Ho Chi Minh City as seen from behind people’s backs in a gentle and nostalgic fashion.
The drawing project is undertaken by Mark Nguyen, Tran Huu Danh, Hiia Huynh, Phong Vo, Ha Thanh Huy, Tuan Linh Tinh, and Ghi Nguyen.

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Covered Bridges

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Vietnamese faces by Réhahn Croquevielle

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Hanoi 200 Years Before-After

Hanoi through 3 Centuries

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What will they carry ?

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North Vietnam Pre 1975

These realistic pictures were taken by Thomas Billhardt, a famous German war correspondent in North Vietnam during the war against Americans.

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Unique Markets

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